One-Shot Special Adventure,

June 2008 - December 2009

What is Return to the Moathouse?Edit

Return to the Moathouse is a special one-shot adventure premiering at Origins 2008 and is available for both public and private play later in the summer. In it, the adventurers attempt to bring down an orc cleric of Iuz that has fled to an old bastion of Elemental Evil. However, there's more to the dusty old ruins than just a renegade priest hiding out from justice. The adventure plays in approximately 4-5 hours. You can either create your own character for the adventure or use one of the provided characters.

Special Character Creation RulesEdit

Create a 5th-level character following all of the rules in the RPGA Character Creation Guide. To equip your character, select one 6th level magic item, one 5th level magic item, and one 4th level magic item. You also have 840 gold to spend on other equipment, potions, rituals, or more magic items.

Special Access RulesEdit

None. Follow all the rules in the RPGA Character Creation Guide. When the adventure is first available, the only resource for players is the Player's Handbook. As new resources become available on the player resource list, these options become available for characters in future play of the adventure.