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Encounter 4: "Slavers" Map

Drawing a Blank

CORE 1-11 (RPGA#5965) by Colleen Simpson

The city of Westgate is the focus of many rumors and plots. Recent stories tell of "blank-faced spirits" who wander the city's streets at night and then vanish into thin air when confronted. Who or what could be causing this phenomenon? This module could be of special interest to those that have previously come to the aid of Westgate and its citizens. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Westgate on the Dragon Coast for characters levels 11-14.

Released on September 16, 2009. This adventure retires from RPGA-sanctioned play on December 31, 2012.

Adventure BackgroundEdit

A warped creature known only as the Plaguechanged Thing dwells in a series of caverns beneath the city of Westgate in the Dragon Coast. Its exact motivations are unclear, but it is described as having "impressive psionic abilities." It is able to form protoplasmic constructs called "blank-faced spirits" that it uses to explore its surroundings. These are basically humanoid in appearance, even including simple clothing, but with a complete lack of facial features. The Thing can conduct some very basic communication through the spirits, consisting mainly of pantomime and gestures, but it cannot carry on conversations or use its own telepathic powers through the constructs.

The Thing has tentatively begun sending these constructs out at night ot explore the streets of Westgate. It is able to extend its own perceptions through them, basically scrying on a localized area with the construct as the focus. If and when one of the creatures is discovered, the Plaguechanged Thing simply dissolves it, creating the illusion that the creature vanished into thin air. The few citizens of Westgate who have encountered this phenomenon have been quite unnerved by the incidents, but so far, the reports of mysterious spirits wandering the city at night are considered nothing more than rumor and ghost stories by the city authorities.

Unfortunately, the Plaguechanged Thing has attracted the attention of the Abolethic Sovereignty as it has begun tentatively exercising its vast psionic power. Wetgate is the one coastal city along the Sea of Fallen Stars that has never drawn the attention of the Sovereignty, perhaps because of the Thing's presence, perhaps not. The aboleths' moptives, as ever, are inscrutable to mortals, but for whatever reason, the abberations have begun to move some of their agents into the caverns beneath the city. These include a group of kuo-toa, who have begun kidnapping people from the city streets of Westgate and offering them to their aboleth masters to be transformed into servitors.

The Plaguechanged Thing is aware of the aboleths' arrival, and although it doesn't quite know what to make of these creatures, it feels threatened by their alien nature. Even to a monster created by the Spellplague, the horrors of the Far Realm are terrifying and incomprehensible. thus, the Thing has begun to get a bit more aggressive, actually touching the minds of the people its constructs see. It wants to find a way to communicate with the people of Westgate and tell them about the aboleths. The Plaguechanged Thing can sense roughly how powerful a person is when that person comes into view of one of its constructs, and it knows that the aboleths are quite powerful. Thus, the Thing has started seeking individuals who it thinks will be strong enough to fight the aboleths. This, of course, leads to the PCs. The Thing's aim is to lead them into a direct confrontation with the aboleths without drawing the attention of either party to itself.

Adventure LogEdit

Character Name Sanction # Found Magic Item XP Gain Level At End Gold Gain Story Awards Notes
Adran Khyber 10-10-2551801 3,220 2,200 CORE31, CORE32
Caterina de Gracielle 10-10-2551801 3,220 2,200 CORE31, CORE32
Clef Cedrjel Kei Lemarklaine 10-10-2551801 3,220 2,200 CORE31, CORE32
Joukanhainnen Carlanno 10-10-2551801 3,220 2,200 CORE31, CORE32

Story AwardsEdit

CORE31 Paragon Friend of Westgate

You pursued the fearsome blank-faced spirits and rescued a number of citizens of Westgate who were facing a fate worse than death. Tales of your deeds spread quickly through the city, and you find that the attitude of Westgate's citizens has become more favorable towards you. Your interacgtions with the city's inhabitants are always affected by your reputation; perhaps now some opportunities may exist where there weren't any before.

This story object may have an impact on past and future Dragon Coast regional adventures and Core adventures set in and around Westgate.

CORE32 Contact with the Plaguechanged Thing

You defeated an alien threat lurking beneath the streets of Westgate. In doing so, you have made contact (of a sort) with an incredibly powerful psionic entity known only as the Plaguechanged Thing. This creature is not necessarily benign; its original nature has been so horribly transformed by the Spellplague that no one can really say what its purpose or intentions might be. The only thing that seems clear is that the Plaguechanged Thing and the Abolethic Sovereignty are not working together. Although its methods of communication are crude and confusing, the Plaguechanged Thing has imprinted a powerful image in your mind: a giant, terrifying obelisk, covered with writhing tentacles, floating above the Sea of Fallen Stars. You aren't sure what this portends, but you have a sense that you will find out...whether you want to or not.

This story object is the beginning of a Major Quest that will be resolved in future Core adventures.