City Built on Trade; Population (as of 1479 DR) 40,000

Westgate is the major trading city on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is an open city - open to all races, all faiths, and all coin. Westgate is the one coastal city that has never suffered from the far ranging aboleths of Xxiphu - it's whispered that some horrible deal was made to insure such immunity.

The vampiric Night Masks thieves' guild was driven out long ago. A new syndicate, the Fire Knives, now employs the majority of the assassins, extortionists, enforcers, and spies in Westgate. House Bleth controls...


Streetwise DC 20: Westgate is the most well-known city along the Dragon Coast. The city proved too large and powerful to be drawn into the orbit of either Cormyr or Sembia. A shadowy group known as the Fire Knives has a strong presence there.